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(00) 3 - 6 Months Long Sleeve (White) Onesie - New To Our Crew

(00) 3 - 6 Months Long Sleeve (White) Onesie - The New To The Crew decal has been done in holographic material which means, depending on the viewing angle the colour changes on the decal.  The decal is very soft to the touch. 

Care Instructions: when washing, hanging out or ironing please do so with the garment "inside out"

Wash on a gentle or handwash cycle. Do not tumble dry or use bleach.

(00) 3 - 6 Months Long Sleeve (White) Onesie - New To Our Crew

Color: White
  • I have a STRICT (7) day return / exchange policy on my items, as the life of the garment is entirely dependent upon how the clothing/tote bag/etc. is maintained (eg. washing, hung out, ironed etc.) which is beyond my control.

  • Items will be shipped within 3 - 5 business days using either pre-paid, Parcel Post (by truck) or Express Post (by Air). All postage is calculated @ Australia Post rates. Please Note! if you wish to purchase more than one item and the combined weight is less than 5 kgs, I will endeavour to fit all items in just 'ONE' satchel to limit shipping costs for you.

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