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Adult, Cami - Black Lion with holographic decal

Womens White Size 10 Cami - Black Lion with holographic decal - as you can see from the photos above the holographic detail makes the lion look a different colour depending what angle it is being viewed from.  All photos above are from the same design on the cami.


Care Instructions: when washing, hanging out or ironing please do so with the garment "inside out"

Wash on a gentle or handwash cycle. Do not tumble dry or use bleach.

Adult, Cami - Black Lion with holographic decal

White: White
  • I have a STRICT (7) day return / exchange policy on my items, as the life of the garment is entirely dependent upon how the clothing/tote bag/etc. is maintained (eg. washing, hung out, ironed etc.) which is beyond my control.

  • Items will be shipped within 3 - 5 business days using either Parcel Post (by truck) or Express Post (by Air). All postage is calculated @ Australia Post rates. Please Note! if you wish to purchase more than one item and the combined weight is less than 5 kgs, I will endeavour to fit all items in the one bag to reduce shipping costs for you.

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